COMA Additive GmbH

COMA is an independent trading company. We deliver our products worldwide to the plastics and coatings industry.

We attach great importance to a good and long-term cooperation with our customers. As a reliable and competent business partner, we offer a comprehensive service.

The quality of the products, fair market prices and service have the highest priority for us.


✔   Economy

     We offer fair market pricing. However, this must not be at the expense of product quality stand out. Delivery
     reliability must also be guaranteed at all times.
A good balance between these Points is our goal and enables us to
     work seriously for our customers.

✔   Delivery security

     Many of our products are produced exclusively or mainly in Asia. The resulting We reduce dependence on the
     supply chain by stocking the products in our warehouse.
Our stocks ensure the ability to deliver in crisis situations.
     But also the excellent ones
Contacts to our manufacturers are an important part of our delivery security concept.

✔   Technical support

     COMA’s technical service is part of our business. Together with our manufacturers we develop or modify products
     according to the needs of customer applications.
We are not satisfied with providing our customers with the usual
     data sheets.
our service ranges from answering technical questions about the product, processing and application
     for recipe advice.

✔   Legislative support

     COMA is familiar with the relevant legal regulations. All of our products meet the Requirements of the REACH
We support you with confirmations on food law Conformities, confirmations for the listing of substances
     in the worldwide “Inventories” and also with
Confirmation of tariff preferences for the products.

✔   Application engineering

     We are happy to share our extensive experience in the application areas of our additives with our customers. With
     our additives, the customer products get the necessary properties that they need in the
make the application a
     better product.

✔   Quality

     COMA Additive GmbH is ISO 9001 certified. We value an efficient quality management. Especially with regard to
     the Asian origin of many of our products.


     Quality management system

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