For foamed PVC applications, kickers are used for thermal stabilization and for stabilizing the foam.
Depending on the processing parameters, fast and slower kickers are available.

Metal soap thermal stabilizers

We supply heat stabilizers for calender-, extruder- and plastisol-processing.

ORTHOSTAB Kickers                              ORTHOSTAB Heat Stabilizers

ORTHOSTAB PK06                                    ORTHOSTAB RCZ82

ORTHOSTAB PK17                                    ORTHOSTAB RCZ88

ORTHOSTAB PK27                                    ORTHOSTAB RCZ94-1

                                                              ORTHOSTAB RBZ50 / RBZ50P

                                                              ORTHOSTAB RBZ52

We develop our stabilizers according to the requirements of our customers. That is why there are only a few standard products. Customized products are common in this group of additives. Please contact us to find a product for your application.