Optical Brighteners

Our optical brighteners are used in the plastics industry, the paint and lacquer industry and the adhesive industry.

In plastics, the typical, yellowish inherent color is reduced by adding optical brighteners. The colors of the end products become more brilliant and the depth of color increases. The production of bright white end and intermediate products is possible. The yellow tinge in transparent products is reduced.

In transparent coating systems, the addition of an optical brightener also reduces the inherent color. The whiteness improves in white and pastel-colored systems and the depth of color increases in dark pigmented systems.

The fluorescence effect of the optical brighteners is used in adhesive systems and adhesion promoters (primer) in order to use them as markers. If the applicated quantity of the adhesive or primer too small and / or the system is too transparent to be visually perceived during the quality inspection, the brightener’s fluorescence effect is used for detection.

COMAX Optical Brightener                 Mix with Chalk

COMAX OA                                           COMAX OA-15

COMAX FA  (FP-127)                                         COMAX FA-10