Light Stabilizer  (UV-Absorbers and HALS)

Plastics are irreversibly damaged under the influence of solar radiation. 

The effects of the damage are color changes, fading and a deterioration in the mechanical properties, which lead to the failure of the plastic products. 

In the case of surface coatings, degradation processes lead to a reduction in the mechanical properties up to the complete destruction of the coating. For example, through cracking or detachment from the substrate. 

In addition to solar radiation as a triggering factor, temperature and moisture have a decisive influence on the damage.

Equipping the formulations with UV absorbers and HALS (sterically hindered amines) extends the time to the start of the damage process and reduces the intensity of the damage over time. 

The effectiveness depends on the type of material, the processing and the other components of the formulation. In many applications there is a synergistic effect with stabilizers and antioxidants. Optimal selection of the additives used in the formulation will therefore result in a significantly longer lifespan for the end product.


           COMAX UV-Absorbers                                 COMAX HALS  (sterically hindered amines)

           COMAX UV-126                                               COMAX HA-544

           COMAX UV-129                                               COMAX HA-570

           COMAX UV-130F                                             COMAX HA-835F

           COMAX UV-142

           COMAX UV-181

           COMAX UV-200

           COMAX UV-305

           COMAX UV-339F